AirBnB: Basic Calendar Syncing vs. Full Integration

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    For AirBnB, is there any reason to have have Basic Calendar Export set up for AirBnB when we are using the AirBnB for Property Managers channel sync?

    Both are set up and not sure why that is.

  • Hey @Kacee-Jackson ,

    You really only need one or the other but not both. The full integration is far superior in many ways, the biggest being the time between when changes are made to availability and when they are synced. For the iCalendar syncing, delays range from 1 hour to 3 hours depending on the channel provider. The full integration is always much faster which decreases your chances of getting a double booking.

    We ask that you import your calendars initially, using the basic iCal, to ensure that the availability is correct in MyVR prior to syncing. After the initial setup of the channel management listing sync, you can pause or disable the syncing on the calendars.

    This is true for all channels. Airbnb,, HomeAway / VRBO and FlipKey.

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