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    I just noticed I have several generic reservations for “Cabin For 9PeopleNotAvailable”. They seem to have the same dates with existing reservations I have. When I click on the reservation, I see a note for a Pending Reservation from an imported calendar. I have no idea what calendar this is coming from. This concerns me because I had to change one of the dates of an actual reservation. I did that without a problem, however the generic reservation still remains which means these dates are blocked out on my calendar. See link for screenshot. 0_1505931360044_Pending reservation screenshot.pdf

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    @Cindy-Nelson - I think you should report this right away as a problem/issue through the tech support channel. They will see it faster there and can help you if it’s a glitch of some kind.

  • Hi Cindy,

    I’m sorry to hear that your calendar syncing is causing you issues. Regarding these generic reservations, they appear to be coming from your calendar import labelled “Google - GH”. I drew this conclusion for a couple of reasons.

    1. This is your only calendar synchronization that has importing set up
    2. This import is set to record calendar events as reservations
      0_1506387413845_Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 5.51.38 PM.png

    When calendar events are imported as reservation but do not have enough information to make a complete reservation in the MyVR system, they end up in the Reservations > Pending Imports view. These are the “generic reservations” that you found. From this view, you can confirm and import these pending reservations by entering the data that is missing.

    0_1506387555143_Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 5.58.29 PM.png

    You can also archive and delete the pending reservations on this page. This will remove them from your calendar.



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