Can Renters View Reservation Terms without sending it to them

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    So I had a Tripadvisor booking confirmed the other day. I manually input the reservation in MYVR and input the money to match what we are receiving from Tripadvisor.

    I did not email him a quote other than the one directly through tripadvisor but he sent an email this morning asking if he would receive a discount as he paid something around 970 while the total on MYVR was only 830 or so.

    I was just curious how he was able to see that total as we never emailed it to him and have never had another guest mention a difference in totals.


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    Hi @Chad-Service - a reservation entered manually into MyVR will be subject to the same message templates that you’ve set up to send for other reservations. After booking, we include a link in messages to view the reservation, allowing a guest to update the card on file, see what has been paid, see what is scheduled to be paid, view the rental contract, etc.

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    I understand it would apply to all the same auto templates we have set to go out. I just didnt have a quote included in any of them.

    It is good to know they can look this information up. Strange he is the first to mention the difference.

    Thanks Markus!

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    @Chad-Service no problem. One trick to understand exactly what the renter sees is to click on View Original for any message that is in the conversation thread.


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    Never noticed that! That is helpful! Thanks again!

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