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    I charged the guests credit card as a one off by mistake instead of applying to their balance due. Now I am having trouble returning the deposit because of this. Is there a way to move the payment so that it is applied to the rental, and not as a one off?

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    @Jill-Evarts - could you record the deposit as paid manually? Then add a note that the off-payment was actually a deposit?

    Another option would be to create a new quote for the reservation. See if the “off-payment” is then posted as a previous payment toward the total?

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    Hi @Jill-Evarts - I’ll add that some ideas on how to make the one-off charge part of the reservation payments are laid out in this forum post.

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    If you choose the refund and then recharge option, note several things:

    1. The transactions are not transparent to the guest, and your internal error is obvious to your guest.
    2. If the guest uses a debit card, or a credit card near it’s limit, the credit will appear far later in time than the new charge. You may have to wait 5-7 business days, depending upon the bank, between transactions to ensure that the guest has funds.

    Ask yourself whether your “clean” transaction records are worth the inconvenience to your guest.

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    If you can refund an off payment, why not just refund their deposit from the off payment when the time comes?

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