What do I do when my calendar/ical export is showing a warning?

  • MyVR Employee

    For our calendar exports, we provide a link that some other software can use to pull the calendar events in from your MyVR account. It is then in your court to make sure those links are correctly placed in the 3rd party system, and it is on them to pull the calendar events in using those links.

    In some cases, you may see a warning from MyVR regarding your calendar exports. Here are two cases:

    (1) Active, but not used

    If you see that your calendar export has a yellow active icon -
    0_1505412166440_active_but_not_used.png - it means that the calendar has not been pulled in yet. This could be because you haven’t yet placed the calendar link anywhere, or it may be the case that the place you have set that link to pull from MyVR (E.g. HomeAway, Airbnb, Google Calendar, etc.) has not yet had time to pull the calendar in. In some cases, you can head to your account with the 3rd party and force a sync from MyVR.

    (2) Not syncing

    If you see that your calendar export has a red not syncing icon -
    0_1505412264509_not_syncing.png - it means the calendar was working at one point but no longer is. If you can force a sync wherever you placed the calendar link, that may eliminate the problem. If not, you also have the ability to generate a new link in order to start over. Click the “Not Syncing” icon and then:

  • Explorer

    @Markus-Nordvik - My problem is kind of the opposite. Everything was connected correctly and when someone booked on Homeaway (not the MYVR channel) it still showed up on my calendar. Now that isn’t happening. What do I do to make sure it’s set up to pull in bookings from outside MYVR?



  • Leader

    @Darrell-Looney112 - you’ll want to do an IMPORT in that case to bring in the booking.

  • Explorer

    @Jenny-Oest - Right, which is what I set up but still not working/updating. The whole process used to have a different interface for this which seemed to show you what was coming in and going out better.

  • Leader

    @Darrell-Looney112 you’ll probably need to send in a problem ticket with your specifics. They’ll need to look at your specific settings.

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