Can't Find Property on Homeaway/VRBO

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    So I can only get to the property page from by opening the listing. I can’t navigate to it at all by trying to find it via search.

    Only reason I noticed is because the individual owner mentioned it.

    I guess my question is does myvr contact homeaway to let them know or do I?

    I’ve tried a couple different ways. even using the map to find it was impossible because it didnt appear on the map.

    On a side note, can we also get the locations on their maps updated as some units aren’t even close.

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    Hi @Chad-Service - finding listings can be tough, depending on the area. If this is a problem for your account particularly or a specific property in your account, please go ahead and report an issue for our support team to dig into your account specifically.

    A few thoughts on this.

    (1) Generally, if you can link to the live listing on HomeAway, then the listing is “live” insofar as what MyVR is managing.

    (2) Each listing shows up in a region of HomeAway’s choosing. When viewing your listing, the photo below shows how you can see the region that HomeAway has placed it in. To view all the properties in a region, including your own, click on the region name.


    If you believe your listing has been placed in the incorrect region:
    –RBOs: please create a support ticket with the listing number and a link to the region in which you believe the listing should be placed.
    –PMs: please contact your HomeAway account manager.

    (3) The way I look for a specific property using search on HomeAway is to click on the region (per #2 above), and then use the map search. You can continually focus the map until you see your property. An important note: if you have dates entered into the search, make sure the listing you are searching for is available for the dates selected.


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    I typically use the map when trying to find properties. It was the individual owner himself who mentioned he can’t seem to locate his property on Homeaway. I went to check and cannot find it either. I can only pull it up through MYVR. I can my entire property map (where all my condos are located) pulled up and I still can’t locate it.

    We use you guys for everything Homeaway/VRBO apparently.


  • MyVR Employee

    Hi @Chad-Service - a few follow-ups:

    • As mentioned, if you are having trouble with this for a specific property, please report an issue to us and we can look to see if there is a problem. The tips above were meant to handle a general scenario of finding your property in HomeAway search results.
    • HomeAway has a support article for this.
    • Please note that, along with any dates you have entered, if you enter a number of guests, that will also need to match up with the max number of guests the property allows.


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