Change company name for VRBO/HomeAway synced props?

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    My Owner name on the synced VRBO properties is Greek Vacation Rentals.
    Where do I edit this info in order to make it resync with my name. I assume that it is pulling my company name - but since it will use the same data to fill both my Chicago props and my Greece props, I would prefer it just say Carole Heiman Kezios.
    0_1505080494809_vrbo owner name.jpg

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    Hi Carole,

    It differs depending on your account type. If you send in a support request I can help further.

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    Just following up to share what I learned:
    It’s editable by going into the HomeAway/VRBO account dashboard and under >>Account, then >>Personal Details then >>> Contact Information
    It’s pulled from Company Name and Display Name.

    Note it takes about 24 hours to update once you change it.

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