Deleted Airbnb import, what to do with reservation?

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    I have had ongoing issues with the Airbnb connection to myvr - their import keeps blocking dates that should not be blocked.
    I don’t take very many Airbnb bookings so in an effort to stop this from happening I deleted the Airbnb “import” to MyVR under the Calendar only channel mgmt.
    I have one Airbnb reservation and while it remains in the system and is labeled as a Reservation - it is actually showing up as a blue inquiry and not a reservation. I can’t convert it to a reservation from an inquiry because it is already a reservation.
    0_1504794099313_gunnar reservation.jpg

    The calendar now shows these dates as available - but the reservation remains in my MyVR system:
    0_1504794137659_gunnar calendar dates.jpg

  • Hi @Carole,

    When you deleted the Airbnb import for your Beta Penthouse property, you also deleted all existing calendar events which came from that import. This included calendar events that you had created reservations for, such as the Gunnar reservation. MyVR warns you of this before deleting calendar imports

    0_1504808897814_Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 11.27.28 AM.png

    To recreate a calendar event for the Gunnar reservation, simply toggle the reservation’s status to “Tentative” and then back to “Reserved”



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    HI @Danny Thanks ! I had actually expected that, I just didn’t expect that it would leave the reservation listed as a reservation. The toggle worked.

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