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    So as far as I am aware, the MYVR team set us up on homeaway and vrbo as our first OTA sites. I was never given a password or username as everything I’ve every had to do with either platform, I could easily do through MYVR.

    However, I am working with TRUPLACE for photos and link pilots. They need me to log in to my homeaway dashboard and complete some steps for them. Problem is, I’ve never logged in directly to homeaway or vrbo. Even my General Manager (who is now retired) who was present when MYVR set up the accounts didn’t have any vrbo or homeaway login credentials.

    Is there a way I can get that information? I need to be able to see my VRBO / Homeaway dashboard and to export and email some information to them. Any help is appreciated.

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    @Chad-Service - disclaimer: this is my understanding, but tech support may tell me this is no longer the case if something has changed.

    It’s my understanding that if you are not on a property manager account with your own access (5 properties or more), then it’s my understanding that you will not have that option. The account is owned by MyVR and not held under a separate login where you could have access. I believe that’s how their able to integrate your listings without requiring you to have 5 or more properties.

    I would suggest a support request directly to MyVR for them to get this information you need, and ask them in that request for the best way to proceed. You’ll probably get a faster response that way.


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