Activating Instant Confirmation (VRBO/HomeAway channel)

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    Is it possible to activate Instant Confirmation for a property listed on VRBO? I currently have channel management but I cannot find anything on MyVR that refers to Instant Confirmation (as opposed to instant booking.
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  • Hi Carole,

    What MyVR calls “Instant Booking” is the same as what VRBO calls “Instant Confirmation”. Instant booking is controlled by the Booking Policy on each property. You can edit your booking policies’ instant booking settings by navigating to Setup > Booking & Payments > Booking Policies > Online Booking Defaults.


    To enable VRBO’s Instant Confirmation and get the 🌩 next to your listing, you need to enable Instant Booking on all of your properties that are integrated with VRBO. Then, you need to contact and ask them to enable Instant Confirmation on your properties.


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