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    I currently use MyVR as an “Owner” and have a “4 property license”. I’ve also paid for 2 websites through MyVR.

    I am about to add one more property to my VRBO account, and I understand I will be eligible to use the MyVR Integration tools to manage those properties through the MyVR dashboard since I will have 5 properties.

    I know that I’ll have to pay for another property license to add the 5th property to my MyVR account. What I don’t know is if using the integration option costs additional to that charge, or is integration included in the license fee that I am paying/will pay?

    On the MyVR homepage under “Property Managers” it says that if you have at least 5 properties it costs $13.50/month per property. Is that monthly fee in addition to the 5 property license fee?

    I’m asking the question because I may be getting a new client who has a small apartment over their garage to rent. I don’t expect this particular property to be a big commission-maker for me and I’m trying to decide if it would be worth the cost to me to add it to my MyVR dashboard. If I have to pay a license fee for an additional property plus $13.50 month it may not be worth it.

    Can anyone give me some clarity on how the pricing works? I’d appreciate your help.


  • Hi Valerie,

    You are currently part of our MyVR for Owners - Flexible Plan, a plan that let’s you pay for the parts of MyVR that you need a la carte. If you add a new property under this plan, it will cost an additional $29 per month. If you switch to the MyVR for Property Managers - Basic Plan, all of your properties will be billed at $13.50 per month if you pay annually. So – assuming you have 5 properties, keep your two websites, and don’t purchase any additional MyVR features – your monthly total for each plan is

    MyVR for Owners - Flexible Plan: $213

    MyVR for Property Managers - Basic Plan: $135.50

    Keep in mind, the MyVR for Owners - Flexible Plan includes a bit more than the MyVR for Property Managers - Basic Plan. The main differences are

    • The Flexible Plan includes reporting and analytics whereas the Basic Plan does not
    • The Basic Plan does not allow you to use MyVR’s integrations with Airbnb, Flipkey, HomeAway, etc. These integrations are optional add-ons for the Flexible Plan. Both plans allow you to use MyVR’s Basic Calendar Syncing app


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    Hi Danny,

    I am revisiting this topic because my annual billing renewal date is approaching: 3/8/18. I’m trying to figure out the best use of my budget on MyVR.

    My Account information on my dashboard says that I am using the MyVR for Owners - Flexible Plan as you said. The per month charges are:

    5 Property License $145.00
    1 Multiple Property Website $49.00
    1 Single Property Website $19.00
    Yearly Discount: 10% Off - $21.30
    $191 .70 / Month

    I no longer need the single property website; in fact it has been inactive since a couple of months after launching it because we had issues with the city obtaining a sales license. So, I do not need that site and I don’t want it to renew. I can’t figure out how to stop it from renewing…can you help?

    If I understand this pricing, I’ll be paying $171.90/month or $2062.80/year for a 5 property license and a multiple property website on this plan.

    If I change my plan to Property Manager Basic, will the cost for 5 properties be $66/month or $792/year? I don’t think this plan includes a website, though, does it?

    If it does not, I’d need the Property Manager Plus plan: $112.50/month or $1350/year. I believe this plan does include a website.

    What if I ONLY wanted to pay for a website that advertises my 5 properties? It would need to have the calendar integration so that the calendars are up to date. Is it possible to pay for just a website without any of the other add ons? If so, what is the cost for 5 properties?

    I am sorry for all of the questions, but I’ve reviewed all of the charges I’ve paid this year to MyVR and it is difficult to decipher them.

    I want to understand this before 3/8/18 because I might want to change the plan I’m using before everything auto renews at the current status.

    Thank you for your help.


  • Hi Valerie,

    Thanks for reaching out to us to get some help with understanding our pricing. I’ve gone ahead and addressed your questions through our private, email-based support system. Since the last time you posted a pricing question roughly 5 months ago, we’ve decided to address all account-specific pricing issues and concerns through our email based support system. We will still answer general questions about how our pricing works here, but we want to ensure that our answers here are useful to everyone. When you get into the weeds of how a particular account wants to set up MyVR, the billing details can get confusing and non-applicable for other users.


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