Anyone use an in unit tablet for guest guide/info?

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    Does anyone use a countertop or wall-mounted tablet for in-unit guest info access? All our guest info (access, amenities, instructions, local info) is web-based and guests generally access it using their own device before, during and after their stay.

    I’d like to provide an in-unit tablet that guests could use as well but I’m curious if this would simplify, or complicate.

    I get a lot of ‘gee whiz’ compliments from the online guest guide, and I think guests would appreciate having this info literally at their fingertips in my units. It would simplify the process for guests to access instructions for items like the TVs, xbox, washer, dryer, sauna, etc. Plus guests could use it to get local info from our blog, send repair requests, post pics to social media, even make their next reservation.

    Has anyone done this and with what success?
    What type of tablet did you use?
    What type of mounting/security/theft protection do/did you use?
    Do/did you use web-based info or downloaded/stored on tablet/both?

    Would appreciate any advice/experience or opinions.

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    @Mary-Beth-Ericson - I’d love the idea and have certainly considered it. But given the issues I have just offering Wi-FI and Netflix to my guests, I can imagine a greater need for onsite technical support with that offering. So for now, I’ve decided not to pursue it. I just have many guests that are NOT tech savvy and high maintenance in just using the TV remotes. LOL

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