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    Is there a way to use HTML code to place a copy of our MYVR calendar on another web site?


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    @Darrell-Looney112 That is a great use case for our calendar widget.

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    Just a housekeeping note regarding use of the Calendar Widget in a WordPress Install.

    Before anyone attempts to paste the widget into your webpage, I would suggest removing the blank lines in the javascript.
    If not, Wordpress will automatically insert some html code ( <p> </p> )to preserve the empty lines.
    The inserted html will cause the script to appear similar to the script below. The html causes the script to fail.

    <script id=‘myvrCalendarScript’ type=‘text/javascript’>
    (m[t].q=m[t].q||[]).push(arguments);},m[t].l=1new Date(),a=y.createElement(v),
    myvr(‘calendar’, {propertyKey:‘b371f253f7286005’, showRates:false});
    <p> </p>

    You can optionally specify a unique HTML element id as a 3rd parameter
    above. If specified, the calendar will be rendered at the element
    instead of inline.
    <p> </p>
    myvr(‘calendar’, {

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