What Is the Sort Order for the Payment Schedule?

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    I noticed that my Payment Schedule is not in the order I would have expected (chronological/date due order), so I’m wondering what the logical sort order is for the display?

    0_1503328468631_Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 9.56.16 AM.png

    Thanks - Jenny

  • Hi Jenny,

    We used to order all payments strictly by due date. This resulted in two confusing side effects

    1. Payments that were due at the time of booking were placed at the end of the list because they technically had no due date.
    2. Payments that were paid early would still be sorted by the date they were due instead of the date that they were paid

    We recently released a fix for this. We now place payments that are due at booking at the top of the list. We also sort paid payments by the date they are paid instead of the date they are due. Here is an example of how these changes affect how payments are sorted






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