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    Several years ago I began following the vacation rental guru, Matt Landau. I am eternally grateful that his site led me to MyVR.

    Matt Landau had a premonition about the large listing sites. Matt Landau asked the question, what would happen if the major listing sites disappeared?

    I began looking for alternative ways to reach my market. Being a member of Matt’s Inner Circle, I read some comments written by Jon Murray about MyVR . I looked up MyVR.com and signed up for the 30 day free trial. It was very different when I began using it in August 2014. Even then I could see it’s potential. It helped me build beautiful websites and Facebook pages.

    I eventually added Flipkey as a channel. Although most of my bookings still came from HomeAway/VRBO, using MyVR to access Flipkey gave me the confidence I needed. In October 2015, my vacation rentals were affected by the changes being made to HomeAway/VRBO. I decided to implement MyVR’s channel for HomeAway/VRBO in January 2016.

    Two days ago I implemented MyVR’s new airbnb channel. I’m so excited to see the results!

    Back to my Kudos for MyVR, the support has been extrordinary! The speed at which problems have been addressed, the professionalism of the staff answering my questions, and the incredible program that is now MyVR…I am in awe!

    Thank you for developing MyVR!!! I am your biggest fan!!!🤗

    I guess I need to ask this as a question…who else feels the same???

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    I do. MyVR not only has a quality product, but their staff sets the bar astronomically high for customer service and support. I’m never disappointed. These guys are the cream of the crop. I sing their praises everywhere.

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    I’ve made several referrals myself, and I’m still on the free trial! It takes time to build something of this magnitude, but the potential is definitely there (as is the need) and they are doing all the right things.

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    @Ann-D-Liptak I feel extremely fortunate to have found MyVR. It took some time to set up my photos, descriptions, templates, rates, etc… A lot of copy and paste as well. It’s much easier managing my cabins from one site. Once I had everything set up, it worked wonderfully!

    If anyone is interested in sharing their best used templates, I would be glad to do the same. 🙂

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    Thank you for the latest update to the paid status on the reservations page! I love the Paid 1 of 3… etc. Thank you!!!

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