Connecting Events to Reservations via API?

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    In the iCal export that is available through the Basic Calendar Synchronization, the UID field appears to be the calendar event ID. Is there any way to link from the calendar event ID over to the Reservation ID in order to get more detailed information on the calendar block? I am using the REST API to fetch details on the calendar events and reservations.

    More details:

    • Using Basic Calendar Synchronization tool (Channels -> Calendar Only), export the ICS file from any of the export options (airbnb, myvr connect, or homeaway).
    • In the ICS file, each calendar event has a UID field that is .
    • That UID appears to be a calendar event ID that you can fetch via GET{ID}
    • But I want the reservation associated with that calendar event. Is there any way to link the calendar event over to the reservation?


  • MyVR Employee

    Hey Hunter,

    Thanks for reaching out. As I understand your request, you’re interested in retrieving calendar events from the API and getting details about the reservations (if any) associated with the returned calendar events.

    You are correct that this information is not currently available in our CalendarEvent API Endpoint. That said, I believe this would be useful information for us to add to our API.

    Look for an update on this front shortly.


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