Should my integrated VRBO/HomeAway dashboard calendar be updating?

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    I am fully integrated with VRBO/HomeAway - but this morning I was reviewing my listings and I’ve discovered my calendar is not synced fully from MyVR to VRBO.
    This is my two calendars - only one booking is showing on the MyVR side.
    ![0_1501769790412_vrbo myvr calendar sync.JPG](Uploading 100%)

    I am definitely setup to sync.
    0_1501769823738_sync setup.JPG

    Then I went and looked at my listing - and I discovered that on the front end - the calendar looks like it is properly synced. The left is what shows on the VRBO listing and the left is the back end.
    0_1501769889294_vrbo front end and back end.JPG

    Is anyone else having this issue?

  • Hey @Carole,

    There is a known issue on HomeAway / VRBO where the dashboard calendar does not correctly reflect availability sent from integrated partners, and the live listing calendar will be up to date.

    Is the event on the backend calendar from 7-12 August supposed to be blocked off on the front end calendar? It looks like that could be an inquiry?

    If that is not supposed to block the calendar, than this looks correct and is what I would expect.

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    Hi @Carole -

    I’ll add that this is something we have brought up with HomeAway, as it is a bit confusing to see a calendar that doesn’t accurately reflect your availability, and they agree. In the meantime, the calendar on your listing is the only one that matters when you are integrated with MyVR.

    I’ll also add that this issue is only relevant to PMs integrated with MyVR’s software.

    P.S. modified the title of this post.


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    @CJ-Avilla Thanks - in answer to your question the August 7 - 12 dates are an actual booking, it is supposed to block the calendar.

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