WebHooks Request how is it looks like?

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    Currently I am working on WebHooks,
    but from the documentation I can not get information how to get informations about Event
    How they are sent? Inside HTTP Headers or query params ? I know that not in JSON body object.

    Best regards
    Sebastian Karasiewicz

  • MyVR Employee

    Hey Sebastian,

    This is a great question, and one that our API documentation does a poor job of answering currently. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll update our API documentation to answer this and I’ll also include the answer here.

    Technically, for a webhook, we’ll make an HTTP POST to your webhook url and include a JSON serialized version of the object in the body of the POST. We’ll include the type of event as a header named Event in the HTTP POST.

    I believe this is the information you are after, but let me know if I’m misinterpreting your question.


  • Newcomer

    Hey Mike,

    Thank you for your clarifications and fast reaction!
    Now I can see that Event Header 🙂

    Topic solved

  • MyVR Employee

    Great, glad we were able to solve that one. Let me know if there is anything else I can answer.

  • Explorer


    Is it possible to subscribe only to specific events or do you guys push all events to all webhooks we setup under Settings > API Access > Webhooks. I see these event types and curious what they are used for?


    Thanks for your help!

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