Display Photos for page links?

  • Perhaps I could find a way to attach a link to a different photo within the social media platform?

    Maybe! Please let us know if you find anything! If the social media platform supports markdown or HTML, you should be able to accomplish this.

    Would I lose the SEO benefits if I did the pages as subdomain pages?

    This is a bit above my personal SEO knowledge, but I would guess that you would still retain some SEO benefits so long as the links you are posting have the same root domain as your main site. That said, I really don’t recommend going down this road. Redirects aren’t a great user experience, and you would need to maintain separate web pages corresponding to every property you have in MyVR.

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    @danny-eiden - how do I determine what value to put in next to the og:image meta tag? Is there a code number within the site for the photo? I tried the file name but it didn’t work. The default is a photo unrelated to my site.

  • @jenny-oest og:image meta tag should be filled with a full URL that points to an image. You’ll need to find the full URL of the image that you’d like to be displayed. This is one example of a URL for a photo that’s being hosted by MyVR


    Using this image as the open graph image would be done like so

    <meta name='og:image' content='http://image.myvr.com/682dd6fb6d061f81/b377085b3625eb0a/calypso20140214-444hdr-landscape.jpg'>

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    @danny-eiden so where do I get the full name then for my uploaded photos?

  • MyVR doesn’t have a tool that provides the full URLs to the photos we’re hosting. You can use chrome’s developer tools on your website to find the URL of a MyVR-hosted photo like so

    1. Right click on the image you would like to use and select inspect
      0_1534791204857_Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 11.52.56 AM.png
    2. Copy the URL in the HTML. It will likely start with image.myvr.com
      0_1534791254321_Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 11.53.41 AM.png

    Alternatively, you can host an image yourself by uploading a photo an image hosting service

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    @danny-eiden - Thanks - I’ll try that

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    @danny-eiden - since the MyVR photos appear in the banner, there doesn’t seem to be anything with image.myvr.com. So I"ll try adding a page with just a photo, not navigated in the menu bar, and use that?

  • Hi @Jenny-Oest,

    You can definitely try that. The image URL in the banner will likely still work even if it doesn’t start with image.myvr.com. If you see something that starts with // and ends with .jpg, then it’s a working image URL!


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    @danny-eiden - I created a published page for my website called coverphoto, but omitted it from the navigation menu. It contains only one image- the preview photo I want. Then I was able to pull the URL from there for the preview photo.

    I now have about 1/2 of my previews working properly, but not sure yet what’s wrong with the others. I’m sure it’s operator error, but I haven’t been able to get them working yet. Still on it! 🙂

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    @danny-eiden - I never got all of these to work, and the ones that did work no longer do. I must be doing something wrong here. I’m struggling with my facebook posts because I can’t post a decent link. 😞 Any advice?

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