Travel Protection and Accidental Damage Protection

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    Is anyone else offering the option or requirement for Travel Cancellation insurance or Accidental Damage protection? I have some links to other sites that offer the Cancellation insurance, but haven’t found anything just for the accidental damage other than going through the HA listing.

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    I self-insure. Meaning, I charge a fee for ‘insurance’ and keep that in a separate account for damage claims. I do still take a deposit as well.

    For a few years I used HA accidental damage insurance, but I found that it was difficult to file a claim and that often, there was disagreement by the company as to whether the damage was truly "accidental.’

    The additional benefit, of course, is that guests rarely report, and my maintenance team often overlooks, broken wine/drinking glasses, kitchen tools guests toss out because they break, etc. This way, I can use the fund to pay for these items and not only items immediately reported as ‘accidentally’ broken.

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    @Mary-Beth-Ericson - How much do you charge and for what level of coverage? Do you provide a written explanation of what is covered and what is not?
    I know that I’m not licensed to sell “insurance” so I can call it a waiver, but at what point does it start to ‘quack like a duck’?

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    @Danny-Eiden - any news on whether or not MyVR will add this as an option?

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    Does anyone offer a CHOICE between damage insurance or a deposit? If so, how do you set that up on MyVR. I know that HomeAway/VRBO can offer that.

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    @Jenny-Oest - The closest thing I can think of to making damage protection a choice would be to make damage protection an optional fee in MyVR, and then you can either refund or remove the security deposit from the booking if they opt-in to the damage protection fee.

    On the channels, there is not concept of an optional fee, so that strategy would not work there. You would have to decide which option you want to make the default, potentially altering the booking after the fact if the guest wanted to change the damage protection/security deposit option.

    As mentioned in another thread on damage protection options, you can vote for this feature.

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