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    @MyVR-Employee Can you provide us an update on how our voting on the “vote for features” list is influencing your product roadmap? It has been out for 6 months now and curious if it has been helpful to your team. I’ve seen some new product features released but they do not seem to be items on the feature list we are voting on. Any chance you guys can give us a glimpse into the highest vote getting features from the list that have entered your development pipeline?

    Appreciate it!


  • MyVR Employee

    Hi @Matthew-Giles

    In short we use feature votes to guide our roadmap. It’s one data point of many, but one we pay a lot of attention too.
    We also will occasionally work on features that are not on that list. Simply because we deem them strategically important enough to address.

    In summary, voting for features and providing details on functionality you’d like to see in MyVR is tremendously valuable for us, and we appreciate everyone that takes the time to do it.

    Hope that helps!


  • MyVR Employee

    Hi @Matthew-Giles, I’ll add on here-

    First off, thanks for voting. We have been impressed by the participation from our customers using our voting tool, and to address one of your points: yes, absolutely it has been helpful in navigating our roadmap. The current vote tally is referenced during any roadmap meeting that pertains to new feature development.

    When it comes to features actually being produced, the equation does get more tricky, as we need to figure in a number of variables like: how large of an undertaking is it, what is available developer bandwidth, does it overlap (or even conflict) with something we are already working on, are there bugs that are better addressed with a feature enhancement, are there critical infrastructure (or other non-customer-facing) changes that would be delayed, etc. And in each roadmap discussion, most of these factors have shifted, meaning the roadmap loses certainty the further you look to the future.

    So while a rank-ordered list of feature requests as voted on by our customers is certainly a helpful tool for our planning, it is more a powerful contributing factor than a direct reflection of the roadmap.


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