Setting up door codes

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    My cabins have a keyless lock system that I access through a smarthome system. I can set up 250 codes per cabin, although I have never had more than 30 codes active at one time.

    I usually use the last 4 digits of the guest's phone number as their access code. It's activated at a specific time (4pm) on the day they arrive and deactivated at a specific time (11am) on the day they depart.

    Is there a way to utilize a field in MyVR to capture the last 4 digits of the guest's phone number? Or, is there a way I could set up an additional field in the reservation area to set up the code? I would like to add a "Smart Tag" for the door code in the automated template email I send to my guest after they pay for their trip in full.

    Currently, I modify a template to send each guest their door code, directions, and instructions for their stay. Having a smart tag would greatly simply this task, allowing me to set it up as a transactional email.

    Thanks for your input!

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    Sorry, I should have posted this in "Suggest a Feature." Moving it there right now.


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    No worries. There's a fine line between asking "Can MyVR do XYZ?" and saying "Hey MyVR, I want you to do XYZ". We get that!

    We don't currently support adding custom fields to the reservation flow. Feel free to suggest this as a feature request, as outlined in my comments about on feature requests in the forum rules post.

    You can, however, set up automated emails to request this info via form immediately upon a reservation. You could collect and store it some place like google or wufoo. Check out this thread on a related topic, as it will point you in the direction of how you might accomplish this, if it seems like it'd help.

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    Wow! Looking up wufoo now!!!


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    Im trying to accomplish this too - please post what you come up with! Watching :).

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    Me three! We use keypad locks also, and I'm manually editing the code in the Check-In email where a smart tag would be grand. I get that info from the phone number field but sometimes the guest asks for a different or additional code. Databases usually give an option for a user-defined field or two.

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    I'm resurrecting this old post. I did not realize that the Reservation Smart Tags are not actually coded to be used in the email templates that are automated to go out. I just setup a keypad deadbolt and have programmed it with the guests unique codes. I sent a ticket to Support and they responded 'the use of reservation smart tags is currently not supported but we do have a ticket with our developers for this. I agree with you 100% that this should be included and will bump this on their radar! '

    In looking at old posts there appear to be a number of us who use these types of access locks and it reads as if users have some sort of work around. Support directed me to the community to find out what work arounds you all are using to get the automated emails updated for each guest with their door access code.

    Also, suggestions on how we as the community can help move this from being just a 'blip on the radar' to release? I'm sure it's submitting a feature request, but is that enough to make a difference?

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    @mary-freiberg we need to vote on our priorities. If enough people prioritize it, it will increase the radar signal.

    I haven’t found a workaround yet. I have an automated email for check-in, but I have to manually edit each one to add the garage code and door code.

    I too, would love to see these and others mapped.

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    @jenny-oest How are you editing the post? I'm finding if I edit what is queued up to send, it changes all the other messages.

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    @mary-freiberg - I don't edit the main template. I have the check-in email set for manual, so that I can customize it before sending. I open the message that's cued in the future messages section of the reservation and edit it there. That way it's customized for that particular guest. Once edited, then I edit the send date and time as well, and click the auto-send button.

    0_1538744885204_Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 9.07.06 AM.png

    NOTE: Once you edit it there, any changes you make to the template will NOT be made to your edited version of the email.

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    @jenny-oest Thank you so much Jenny! I think I have the hang of this, fingers crossed all goes smoothly.

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    @mary-freiberg - if you want to give it a test spin, you could create a bogus reservation for yourself to test it?

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    I'm also looking for enhanced functionality surrounding door codes. For now, I just have my automated email tell my renters that "your unique door code will be the first 6 digits (including area code) of the phone number you entered at the time of booking".

    It's not perfect....but it's not bad.

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    @dave-both - that works for locks where you can choose the code (Schlage) and I do that for one property where I have that, but our condos have resort locks so the only way to create a code I can define is manually on the lock. Since I’m remote, I have to use the system software to generate a code. So that’s why I just manually have to edit the email with the correct lock code before setting the send date.

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