Trouble integrating with Airbnb

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    I’m on Integration step 3 of Airbnb for Owners. My property shows up in the list but nothing happens when I click the shopping cart that says setup new. When I did this set up for VRBO it popped up a payment window when I clicked this so that I could charge the VRBO setup fee to my credit card, but this is not happening when clicking this button on the Airbnb setup. If I try to just click Done Selecting Properties, I get an error asking if I completed all the required fields, which of course I have not since the payment window is not opening. I have turned off popup blockers but that did not help. I also tried clicking on the property itself to see if it would highlight or something, but that didn’t work either. I went back through and made sure that I had filled out all of the fields on my property as well, but still not working.

  • MyVR Employee

    Hey Chris,

    I’d be happy to help with this. You actually caught us in the middle of upgrading our onboarding flow for Airbnb. If you go back to the onboarding flow now, you should see some toggles next to the properties in the list. You can toggle these on / off as appropriate and then click on “Integrate Selected Properties”.

    Sorry for the inconvenience! Please let me know if you have any troubles.


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