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    Anyone using HomeEscape and would you recommend them?

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    They’re on my “to do” list to check out. Is it a free listing?

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    Yes, it is completely free from what I can tell. We actually put a couple of our units on their site a long while back when I first started but it looked like at the time, it was strictly pay to be on higher up on the search list, and we werent interested in that at the time.

    I’ve seen and heard a lot of good stuff on them recently so was thinking about checking them out again.

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    @Chad-Service I have had one of my properties listed with them for over a year now. The results have been disappointing. I’ve had only 2 inquiries and no bookings during that time. They are now moving towards a subscription model. Unfortunately I cannot justify subscribing based on the current results.

    I’ve polled other owners I know who have also listed with them and most have had similar results. Those who have had better results flow all their marketing efforts to their HomeEscape listing. I’m not willing to do that. I’d prefer to drive people directly to my web site.

    – Matthew

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