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    My Blog Post Shows the Title Two Times one below the other. I am trying to figure out how to make the second one go away, and edit the first one if anyone can help.

  • Hi @Jill-Evarts,

    I see what you mean.

    0_1499291950412_Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 2.58.58 PM.png

    You will notice that they aren’t exactly identical. The first is the title of your blog. That is edited using the “Edit Settings” button in the “Blog” section of website management.

    0_1499292088281_Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.00.36 PM.png

    0_1499292107378_Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.00.24 PM.png

    0_1499292138665_Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.00.44 PM.png

    The second title is the title of your blog post. You can edit this by editing the content of your blog post or by editing the settings of the blog post

    0_1499292297333_Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.02.51 PM 2.png

    0_1499292319487_Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.04.08 PM.png

    0_1499292345655_Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.02.51 PM.png

    0_1499292368865_Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.03.42 PM.png


    PS: I have changed the title of this post to make it easier to find for other MyVR users

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