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    Happy 4th to those who celebrate 🙂

    I would like to use custom fields to do two things and I cannot figure out how to do them.

    1. I have an automated email confirmation for guests which is the same for every property I own. Only 3 lines are different - the property name, the address and phone number. I have been successful at using Smart Tags to input the property name. However, I am unable to get a Custom Field to appear in the message based on the property name.
      Who can help me with this? I don’t find anything in the videos or the regular tutorials. However I do find an old post here in which @Markus-Nordvik says customs fields are good for:

    “You want a different value to show up for each property - either in an email or on your website. E.g. You have a custom field “Property Video Tour” you want to show up for each property page on your multi-property website;”

    1. Further to the above - while trying to make this work I made a custom field for one property with a signature line I want to use in all of these confirmation emails - I then wanted to add it to another property so I used the “+ Add field” button, I used the “Use Existing Field” button to find the the custom field I had created under the previous property. I added it but it was blank.

    In summary - I would like two things:

    1. Have a custom field with the address & phone of each property which can be automatically input into an email the same way the property name is.

    2. Share the content of a custom field across selected properties (or at a minimum property groups)


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    I do this now - you can just add more custom fields. Have one for the property name (which you already have), one for the address, and one for the phone number.

    0_1499213669885_Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 8.12.51 PM.png

    Here are some samples that I have on one of my properties. I use all of those in various template emails.

    You can add these custom fields using the custom fields tab on the left of the property menu, and then clicking on add field at the top right.

    Does that help?


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    Thanks @Jenny-Oest Yes, I’ve created the custom fields -
    0_1499219359103_custom fields.JPG

    the problem is I have one email confirmation and I’d like to insert the specific custom field that goes with the property the guest has booked.

    The confirmation email is automatically sent when the guest is confirmed. I am using Smart tags for the guest name, the dates, the number of guests & the property name. I just need to have the property address and phone number auto filled below the property name.

    I thought this is what Custom Tags is used for.

    Any ideas?

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    @Carole - are the custom fields that you’re including in your template set to share across ALL properties? When you add a new field, the default is NOT to share across all. Have you checked that? I’m not seeing those in that right column?

    0_1499221268409_Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 10.18.02 PM.png

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    @Jenny-Oest Yes, I’ve tried it by sharing them across all properties. The problem is what do I put into the body of the email in order to call up the custom field? With Smart tags, I put {{property}} into the body of the email and the system autofills the specific property the guest has booked.
    I believe there needs to be a connection that:
    The guest has booked Acropolis Blue (and it fills in {{property}} as Acropolis Blue (this works as this comes from the Smart Tags) - but now I need it to be smart enough to know that the guest booked Acropolis Blue and it should fill in {{{}}}.

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    @Carole - and the drag and drop link doesn’t appear in the lower right section labeled custom fields? This is where I find all of the custom fields that I’ve made available to all properties. If they don’t appear, then it may be a technical glitch and you’ll need to submit a support ticket.

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    @Jenny-Oest Can you post what the drop and drag link looks like?

    Also, can you show me an example of what the email looks like with the custom tag in it - for example, the custom tag you use for phone number (which I assume will be different for each property).

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    @Carole - here is one of mine:

    0_1499281592142_Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.00.25 PM.png

    Can you show me the screen shot of where your custom fields appear on the right side within the drag and drop section? If you use the drag and drop, you won’t need to write out the formula - it will drop it in correctly. If they’re not appearing there for the drag and drop, then that’s the first problem to solve.

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    @Jenny-Oest Thanks for this. Now I understand that you need to name the custom field one time and then define it’s value within each property. I have done that and selected “available in all properties” but the custom field does not appear in the list of custom fields … 😞

    I think you have helped me isolate that it is probably something I need to send an request to troubleshoot …

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    @Carole I had a quick look at your account, are you not seeing these custom fields?


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    Yes, I am seeing all of those - but I am not seeing the new ones I have created - specifically Address and Phone.

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    Hi @Carole they are down the bottom (purple):


    The orange area scrolls. Is that the issue?

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    No - those are not them - specifically looking for Address And Phone - 0_1499294789581_address and phone custom field.jpg

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    This is Basil for @Carole .
    As I am trying to work through the tutorial, I saw that the tutorial does not match the actual site view. I am wondering if there have been more changes to the procedures that are not shown in the tutorial0_1499295571877_not matching turorial and screen.JPG

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    @Carole it appears you ran out of custom variables. We currently support 20. I noticed you are re-creating custom fields for each property, IE: “blue description”, “alpha description”, “beta description”.

    The way this feature was designed, was to expect one custom field to be created “description” - and then add custom content for each property. This way one custom field applies to all properties, and is not duplicated per property. So the number of fields required is drastically reduced.

    @Basil-Kezios Properties was moved to the main navigation, its no longer in the setup menu. Our support documentation is updated periodically but we release a lot of new features, so sometimes it gets out of date.

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    Hi Tristan
    Actually I’ve deleted all of those . I had set them up when I first started using MyVR - but they never actually worked, now I know why, I needed one name (thanks @Jenny-Oest )
    Can you clarify what “20” means? A total of 20 regardless of the number of properties?

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    Hi @Carole we currently support 20 custom fields, independant of the number of properties you have. Of course you can use each custom field for every property you have. We may choose to increase this, but haven’t had any requests to do so yet.

    Regarding removing your old fields, lets take this up in your support ticket. I can help you remove the old ones.

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    Thanks @Tristan-Brotherton Do I need to submit another ticket or is the one I submitted already sufficient?

  • @Carole The current ticket is sufficient. Thank you.

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