Yellow "Caution" triangle on Dashboard at "Channels"????

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    Is anyone else seeing a yellow triangle with “explanation” mark in the triangle and a “1” next to it showing up on their Dashboard page next to “Channels” button?

    If I click on “Channels” button and dig deeper I cannot find anything that is showing error or cause for concern but I cannot seem to get this to stop showing up.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    @John-Hughes - I do get that from time to time - I believe it indicates some error in the data updates that last occurred. If I can’t find an issue, I used to submit a problem request, but it always ended up being something that ‘self-corrected’. So now I wait to see if it goes away on the next update. It usually does.

  • Hi @John-Hughes,

    @Jenny-Oest is correct: these triangles indicate that there is an issue with the data we are attempting to sync with one of your channels. In this case, your HomeAway listing’s headline is too long. HomeAway requires a headline of 50 or fewer characters. We give an indication of this when you enter a headline in the “Listing Overrides” section.


    We are currently considering how to surface these warnings in a way that makes it easier to see what’s causing the issue. Stay tuned!

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