Setting up MYVR - will bringing in the same listing posted on both Homeaway and Airbnb integrate, create a dupe, or not import at all?

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    Hi community!

    Signed up last night and just getting going.

    I hesitate to create new listings (seems the Airbnb channel requires it) as I have pending and past bookings, payments, and all that sitting in the two accounts.

    I have one listing for now. Would like to leverage myvr to get live on Flipkey, Booking and stop much of this redundant posting/calendar mgmt etc…

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    @Andreas-Ryuta-Stenzel - Welcome! You will no doubt have lots of questions as you get started that fall into all different areas of our community. The best way to get started here is to begin with simple and direct questions. Search to see if we may have already started a discussion on that topic, and if not, then post your new question! 🙂 It’s always easier to stay focused with one question/topic per discussion thread.

    Now to address this question, remember that HomeAway and AirBNB integrations behave differently, so these listings may receive different answers. I don’t work with AirBNB at this time, so my help would only reflect knowledge of HA. Someone else will probably chime in about AIrBNB.

    It sounds like you are trying to integrate with an existing listing HomeAway or VRBO listing that you already had? And this site already has existing reservations, calendar, etc.

    Are you integrating with 5 or more properties as a PM or with fewer as an owner? It’s important to know which group you’re in to know how yours will work.

    Regarding your calendar, as long as your integration has your calendar syncing both directions, you don’t have to worry about duplicates. That’s the beauty of it -ultimately it keeps MyVR as your master calendar, preventing double bookings, but the source may have come from other listing. You can do this even without integrations.

    If you are integrating as a PM, you can use an existing listing, but as an owner, I THINK you have to create a new one. You should, however, be able to sync everything by calendar though.

    Hope that helps!


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    Thank you I appreciate the speedy reply!

    Yes I am an owner with one property (may expand out to as many as 3 this summer).

    Yes I do have existing listings with HA and Airbnb, and am mainly concerned about resetting up all the existing reservations with customers without being too jarring, I don’t mind copying and pasting ad copy and pictures.

    Let me know if you have a best practices list on handling that.


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    @Andreas-Ryuta-Stenzel - my best practices are always to make life as easy as possible for the guest. For me, I would make it completely transparent to them, as a rule. As both a PM and an owner, but one with a PM account, I’m only able to offer some ideas, but don’t know the details of how the owner systems work. But here are my thoughts.

    1. Using the calendar sync option will allow those reservations to be blocked on the master calendar. That would be the first step.

    2. You can check with MyVR techs and HomeAway, but if the current listing cannot be transferred to MyVR, then check to see if your current listing can be de -activated so that it is no longer used to advertise or book reservations, but only to complete any necessary payments or refund any deposits.

    3. I would enter the reservation into MyVR manually, using the same source, email and name, so that it’s recognized by HomeAway. Then being using MyVR for communications to those guests.

    4. You COULD continue to use BOTH listings to advertise and book until the original one runs out. It’s tricky, but I’ve done it when taking over PM functions from the actual owner. It takes some extra management, but you may have a higher initial ranking with the current listing. Just be sure to ask guests to write their reviews on your new listing? But if you can transfer it, that’s even better.

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    Thank you.

    Could you ask a Myvr support person familiar with the owner product respond?

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    Hi @Andreas-Ryuta-Stenzel - welcome! @Jenny-Oest gave some solid options on what it would mean to move from existing listings on Airbnb and HomeAway to MyVR-managed ones for an owner.

    Everyone’s particular circumstance is different, but at a high level, I would suggest:

    • Set up the new listings under MyVR - both Airbnb and HomeAway (if you have < 5 listings) will require a new listing to be created. During the setup process you will be prompted to import the calendar from the old listing, ensuring the MyVR calendar, and thus your new listings’ calendars, are up-to-date to avoid double bookings.
    • Once the new listings on Airbnb and HA are to your liking and live, you can log into your old HA and Airbnb accounts and deactivate those listings (i.e. make them publicly un-viewable). This means all future bookings will come from the new listings managed via MyVR.
    • For the existing bookings in your old account, you have several options, but my opinion is that the simplest for you and your guest is to see them out in the original accounts in which they were booked (even though the listings are deactivated in the old accounts, you can still manage the bookings there). Once those have run their course, all bookings can be managed from within your MyVR account. You sacrifice getting everything in one place immediately, but you avoid potential confusion for existing guests.

    Side-note: for both Airbnb and HA, once you are ready, you can request to have the reviews from the old listing transferred over to the new ones.

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    @Markus-Nordvik - oh my you say it so much better than I! 🙂

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