Can I use MyVR to manage a pay-per-booking listing on FlipKey/TripAdvisor?

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    Received this question recently from a customer:

    Now that I am in the renewal period with FlipKey/TripAdvisor, can I switch to pay per booking?

    For those classified by TripAdvisor as an owner (fewer than 5 properties/listings), we are not able to manage pay-per-booking (PPB) or pay-per-lead (PPL) listings, only subscriptions purchased through MyVR. If you want a PPB or PPL listing, you would need to manage it directly in an independent TripAdvisor account, but you could of course sync the calendars with MyVR.

    For those classified by TripAdvisor as a property manager (5 or more properties/listings), we are able to manage PPB, PPL, and subscriptions. These will be set up/purchased directly in your TripAdvisor account. The main caveat being that, for PPB listings, we are unable to manage the inquiries and bookings it generates, those need to be managed in your TripAdvisor account.

    You can read the overview of each of these offerings on our website:

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    Thanks Markus. I am likely not going to renew the subscription through MyVR. I need to figure out how I am going to handle my FlipKey, Vacation Home Rental, and Trip Advisor accounts. It’s getting confusing as they are getting merged together. Noted that things will change when I get to 5 properties.

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    Is an accurate summary (for a PM) that with the PPB model through Trip Advisor, MyVR maintains the listing detail, and imports (and exports) calendar data, but no guest details are imported or managed?

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    @Jenny-Oest That is accurate and well said.

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    Hello, I have switched to pay per booking at TripAdvisor. Can I get my FlipKey channel cancelled immediately? If so, can I have have a prorated refund?


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    nevermind I just did it myself and understand that there is no refund.

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