Billing for Damages in Excess of Deposit?

  • Leader

    I recently had a guest with damages that exceeded the security deposit. The guest paid the additional charges by eCheck (outside of MyVR). I can note only $300 withheld from the $300 security deposit, but how can I add the one-off charge with an offline payment for the additional amount collected?

    I know I can re-do the reservation terms and add a line item, but is there a better way?

  • MyVR Employee

    Hi @Jenny-Oest - although you can create and set up a one-off charge (where a credit card on file is immediately charged for the amount you specify), we do not have the ability for you to create a "one-off recorded payment." You would need to modify the reservation terms if you wanted to keep that straight for your records.

    So my understanding is there is not a better way than modifying the reservation terms.

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