Reset Password for Owner Account, Now can't login with my account

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    So my usual account is chad@clearlakeinvestment; however, I needed to log in to reservations@clearlakeinvestment (the owner account) to delete old users. I reset the password for the owner account, logged in and did what I needed to do. Logged out and tried to log back in as chad@clearlakeinvestment and it says the password doesn’t work.

    Tried both the old password I always used and the new one I just set up. Still can’t login under the correct username.


  • MyVR Employee

    @Owner-Account Hi Chad - we keep you logged in (using cookies) to your MyVR account in whichever browser you have been using. You should have been OK when you logged out, but could you try logging back in using a different browser or a different browser account/profile. if that doesn’t work, please submit an issue for our support team to take a look. Thanks!

  • Newcomer

    I have everything working. Did a password reset for chad@clearlakeinvestment and now I can log into either or.

    Might have just been a user error all along. Thanks again for the help!


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