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    I recently went through my properties and in order to make quoting simpler, decided to add in 10% discount and 20% discount and things similar to that just to speed up the process. That way I can simply scroll down to a certain discount or percentage and apply it without having to do any math. It also keeps it simplified for reports so I don't end up with several different versions of the same discount (For example when I type them in manually every time, I actually ended up with 'Return Renter,' 'Repeat Renter,' and a couple other different variations because I forgot the exact text I used previously.)

    I do not like; however, that all of these show up on the property page as view-able to the guest. Is there a way to keep some of the fees hidden? These aren't even fees, they are just discounts that I entered as negative fees.

    Here is an example.

    My boss doesn't necessarily want to advertise we do discounts.


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    @Chad-Service - not all fees are automatically shown to the guest.

    Turn OFF included by default and turn OFF Optional Fee for renter.
    Then only you will have access to that when preparing quotes.

    0_1495841402349_Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 7.28.24 PM.png

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    Thank you! You are absolutely amazing!

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    @Chad-Service - thanks - not sure about THAT assessment, but I'm happy to help! 🙂

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    I double checked and it looks like they are all set to NO.

    Included by default would simply include the fee by default right?

    Im concerned with them showing up on the property page. Is there a way to make the nonviewable on there?

    Let me know if I'm not being clear enough. But on my website, on each property page, it list all the available fees. I can't seem to find a button to make them invisible on that page.

    Thanks again! Don't sell yourself short!

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    @Chad-Service - I added the above fee as a test, and it doesn't appear on my property quote page. Am I not looking in the place you mean?

    0_1495841980199_Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 7.38.52 PM.png

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    @Chad-Service We're having a discussion about this internally. "included by default" will affect if its shown on quotes that are sent out, or generated by the renter. It currently does not affect display in the website.

    I could see some utility in having the ability to not show it on the website, so I'd encourage you to suggest a feature.

    @Jenny-Oest I'm assuming he's referring to the fees table.


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    Yes Tristan! That is what I'm talking about. My boss saw it and then said he would prefer to not have all of those visible. He doesn't want to encourage people to ask for 20% off. I simply added them in for each property for convenience when doing quotes. I hated always typing in the discount and doing the math 😛

    I'll look into suggesting that.

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    @Chad-Service - I see it now. That makes sense not to want it there. Looks like feature request time... :o

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    @tristan-brotherton Did a feature request get submitted asking for the option to flag optional fees to not be listed in the Fees Table on the website? I have event fees that we will add to quotes when someone is going to hold a wedding or other 'event' and those are displaying on line. I don't think those need to be there for everyone to see, just to add to quotes on demand. If not, I will write up something and send it in.

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    Hi @Mary-Freiberg - in general if you would like to request a feature, you should submit it. We use the number of customers requesting anyone feature as a part of our decision making.

    With regard to the specific issue that Chad Service had - we released a promotions / discount tool that should cover this specific use case.

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