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    I’m confused about the settings for an automatic email. I want to send an email out to guests 1 day prior to their checkout. There are two options and I had ignored the second option and only selected the first which was to send 1 day prior to checkout.
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    The second option is for choosing a number of hours prior to or after checkout. I left this without choosing anything but the emails don’t go out.
    Can someone explain how to do this so the emails send automatically?

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    Hi Carole, try adding a number in there other than zero.

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    @Tristan-Brotherton So do you mean 24 if I want it to be sent out the day before departure? How does that impact the setting above which asks What day …?

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    @Tristan-Brotherton I don’t understand - I’m trying to send an automated email 3 days prior to arrival. I have set it to 3 days in the top section but I need to fill something in the lower section. It’s going to go out 72 hours prior to arrival, but it doesn’t allow that.
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    If you want to send it three days before check-in, then I would use the Custom Time, and not the time based on the event. I consider time based on the event for something like an hour after check-in, or an hour before check-out. Something three days ahead, I would specify the most likely time of day for them to see them. I like 7 or 8am personally.

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    @Jenny-Oest to the rescue! Thanks I didn’t even see that drop down!

  • To make sure this is clear to future readers, “Days Before Check-In” is the number of days before the check-in date. “Hours Before the Check-In” is the number of hours before the check-in time.

    So, for example, let’s say a guest is checking in at 1pm 5/29/2107. Setting 3 for “Days Before Check-In” and 2 for “Hours Before the Check-In” should result in the email being sent out at 11am 5/26/2017.


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