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    So we recently had a guest show up to check in that booked through Tripadvisor. Our policy is that the primary renter must be 25+ but apparently on Tripadvisor it is only 18. The guest and all members of the party were 18.

    It wasn’t a big deal, just a shock when they arrived. Not sure why we assumed Tripadvisor used our same minimum age but just curious if there is a way to set it up like that.

    What about on other channels? Is airbnb or homeaway 18+ too or 21+?


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    @Chad-Service My understanding is they do not have a minimum age requirement. You need to set your own with Airbnb in the House Rules section. If it is stated clearly there you can cancel them penalty free.
    This is one of the reasons it is important to have guests provide you with their details once they’ve booked (we require them to complete our own Guest Info Agreement once they have booked and to submit a copy of a passport or drivers license). We have this request automated now using templates with MyVR and a WuFoo form and Zapier. It works well enough for now though I wish we could integrate it with MyVR without all of those extra steps.

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    Thanks Carole, I’ve added the minimum age to the House Rules for each property.

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