How to get payment data into format for my accountant?

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    Hello all! I have a question about how you handle financials from your bookings. Do you manually record them in another accounting system or have you found a way to export anything into something useful?

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    Am I the only one using MyVR who pays taxes and has to provide an accounting for bookings? 🙂

  • @Carole said in How to get payment data into format for my accountant?:

    Do you manually record them in another accounting system or have you found a way to export anything into something useful?

    Hi @Carole. You can export your payments and financial data to CSV documents. Go to Setup > API & Data Access > Manual Export > Payments to export all of your payments. Go to Setup > API & Data Access > Manual Export > Line Items to export all of your financial information.

    Once this data is in CSV documents, you can open the CSV documents in Excel (or any other spreadsheet software) and process it however you like.


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    Hi Danny
    Yes, I’m aware that I can export the payments - but that doesn’t really cut it for putting it into an accounting program. It doesn’t do anything more than give me a total - which doesn’t do anything for taxes and fees.

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    Hi @Carole you probably want to use the line item export, its available in the same place.

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    If you find you’re missing something you need in there, just let us know with the feedback form.

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    @Danny-Eiden Thanks - But that information isn’t complete because it’s only numbers, no guest name, no dates, no property.

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    I use QuickBooks and am still entering EVERYTHING manually. I haven’t found an easier and timely way using exports to do this yet. I’m watching this to see if others have some successful processes to recommend 🙂

  • @Carole said in How to get payment data into format for my accountant?:

    it’s only numbers, no guest name, no dates, no property.

    Both the payments and line items CSV exports should have the property name and a code for the reservation they are related to.

    Payments Table Header
    0_1496007044098_Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 2.27.00 PM.png
    Line Items Table Header
    0_1496007057675_Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 2.27.26 PM.png

    If you also export the reservations CSV, you can use VLOOKUP to merge these three CSVs into a table with only the information that you care about.


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    Is there anyone currently using the export features to export data and then import it into Quickbooks?

    MyVR only captures one piece of the financial business but an accounting package brings it all together.

    The other issue on the export to import option is the timeliness of the moving data, and no duplication of effort.

    I do realize this is a robust feature request, but for the purposes of the forum, perhaps others can share how they are handling this now?

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    Hello Danny,
    I am trying to implement your idea. The issue I have is that the headings are not all the same and when they are they are not the same number.
    The common heading in <Line Items> table and <Payments> table is the [reservation] heading, which is not the same in the <Reservations> table. The heading for the same number is [id]

    <Line Items> table, column (G1) 0_1496247529936_upload-0b61d6a6-2e3d-43d2-94c6-aaf12436d732

    <Payments> table, column (O1) 0_1496247488479_upload-b3d3689d-2f85-4fc4-824b-740cfce30540

    <Reservations> table, column (I1) 0_1496247614792_upload-fc259f65-7722-4a92-aa5a-b5b6737dd777

    I know Excel fairly well, and in addition to the fact that the columns for the heading [reservation] and [id] are not the same, the number of rows for each table for each [reservation]/[id] are also not the same in numbers.

    While I can Consolidate and use the VLookup function on these tables, it appears it would have to be done over and over, each time I would want to make sense of the numbers, create graphs etc.

    Open to suggestions.

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    Hi @Danny-Eiden and @Tristan-Brotherton
    I am @Carole 's husband and partner and I am trying to help out on an issue she and @Jenny-Oest were questioning on exporting-importing and using the information collected in MyVR.
    I wrote to the forum about a week ago and did not get a response.
    Can you please look at my comments and respond.
    Thank you.
    Basil Kezios

  • Hi @Basil-Kezios,

    I am sorry for the delay in my response. Attached is an Excel file that combines some of the information from the Payments table and the Reservations table using VLOOKUP. Think of it as an example of a template that you could use to combine data from multiple exports.

    Process Payments Template.xlsx

    Some things to note

    • The id column of the Reservations table had to be moved to the front of the table. Your data from the reservations export would also need be be shifted accordingly
    • The ReservationsTable data range only covers the first 7 rows of the Reservation sheet. Expand the range if you have more rows of reservations
    • The Processed Payments sheet only has 5 rows filled in. You can copy and paste rows to extend the table to cover the same number of rows as your payments export

    You should be able to copy and paste the Payments and Reservations CSV export data into the Payments and Reservations pages of this document. The Processed Payments tab will have the combined information after you do the copying and pasting. Here is an example of that in action.

    Process Payments Example.xlsx


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    Thank you @Danny-Eiden .
    I will play around with it. At first glance it looks good.

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