Airbnb Error Code: Bad response from %s

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    I am trying to set up AirBnB and after logging in and allowing access, I receive this code. Please advise.

  • Hey @Kim-Herrlein,

    Thanks for your question. One of the requirements of the Airbnb integration is that you must create a brand new account with Airbnb. The most common reason for the error you’re receiving is attempting to connect to an existing account with current listings.

    Hope that helps. 🙂

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    @CJ-Avilla I was just following the prompts for setting it up. After logging out of current AirBNB I was asked to log in through MyVR and allow access by agreeing. They sent a code for verification and seemed to be moving along until I received this error.

  • Hey @Kim-Herrlein,

    Could you double check for me that the second time you were logging back into Airbnb you were using your new account? I’m seeing some logs that suggest the error was related to already having listings setup in an account.

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    @CJ-Avilla Ok, that might be the problem, I thought this was the process to set up the new account. Can you steer me in the right direction?

  • Sure thing!

    From a high level:

    Step 1: Log out of all Airbnb accounts
    Step 2: Create a brand new Airbnb account using the email address shown in MyVR. This will be something like
    Step 3: From MyVR click on the “Connect New Airbnb Account” which will take you back to Airbnb. Its important that when it takes you back to Airbnb that you’re logged in as your brand new account or that you log back into Airbnb with your brand new account.
    Step 4: Click Allow which should redirect you back to MyVR and activate your Airbnb connection with MyVR

    It sounds like you were able to get to step 4, however it seems like the account you were logged into already had listings.

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    @CJ-Avilla Thank you for getting back to me, where would I find that email address shown that VR set up?

  • Hey @Kim-Herrlein,

    Sorry for the delayed response. The answer to your question has been in flux the past couple weeks as we wrap up a project to improve the interface and on-boarding experience for the Airbnb application. From the personal settings in your MyVR account, there is currently a Nickname field. Your Airbnb email address to sign up with would be


    Based on that screenshot, my signup would be

    In the near future this is going to change to allow multiple email addresses per account. They will be managed initially from the Airbnb application under “Channel Settings”

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