How do I handle a guest that used the wrong credit card for a reservation payment?

  • MyVR Employee

    I was recently asked what do in this situation. When a payment is collected by credit card, our system views that as a completed payment. If you refund a particular payment, we do not mark it as unpaid - the payment had happened and remains recorded.

    I would recommend the following steps:

    (1) Copy the reservation (do not copy over the credit cards or you could accidentally charge the original). Mark this new reservation with a status of 'reserved'. You don't need to add the terms yet.

    (2) Cancel the original reservation. It is your choice if you want to immediately refund the guest, or if you prefer to wait to refund the original payment until after the new payment is made.

    (3) Set up terms on the new reservation and send them to the guest. With the original reservation canceled in step #2, there should be no issue for them to book those same dates.

  • Leader

    @Markus-Nordvik OR...

    Rather than change the reservation # and create a new agreement, you could do a one-off charge for that amount to the new card, and then do a refund to the old one?

  • MyVR Employee

    @Jenny-Oest If I could select a best answer, I would do that for yours : )

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