Airbnb calendar sync issues?

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    I am using Channels to only update my Airbnb calendar - it was working fine but suddenly for one of my properties it is just blocking all of my future dates and for another it isn’t blocking out dates I’ve booked within MyVR. Is this a glitch or have I done something wrong?

  • Hey @Carole,

    We recently published a change to the Airbnb iCal syncing such that any time blocked on your Airbnb calendar will also be unavailable in MyVR.

    If the events you’re referring to have the title “Not available” it is one of the periods blocked on Airbnb. You’ll want to log into your Airbnb account to make sure those dates are available there.

    – CJ

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    I keep unblocking in Airbnb and it keeps reblocking. How can I get it to stop?!
    0_1494872221820_airbnb calendar import.JPG

  • Sounds like we may need to have a developer dig into your specific case further. Please open a support request in app and include which properties are affected as well as any links to Airbnb listings.

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    @CJ-Avilla Thanks - I will do that right now.

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