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    How can I use dynamic components in the layout editor on pages where they do not appear as available? For example, I would like to put the dynamic component “book form” on my front page. It shows as available to use on the property page but not the home page. Is this possible?



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    Hi Matthew,

    Some dynamic components only support specific pages. On your multi-property site for example, you can’t have a book form on the front page as it is not property specific. (what property are they booking?) but you could have an inquiry / contact form.

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    @Tristan-Brotherton I am finding that many of my visitors are not finding their way to the booking or quote form on the property specific pages when viewing on a mobile device (which is the heaviest usage of my site). So they are simply filling out the contact form on the front page asking for quotes, many times for dates that are already booked. The volume of these as well as Google Analytics tells me that I need to pull this feature up to a more prominent spot to meet their needs.

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