3D tours on multi-property site

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    Can a 3D tour of property be added to my site?
    Like this http://78ridgevale.ca/3d-tour/

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    @John-Phillips217 - have you tried including a photo with this link attached in your website, and then have it open in a new window?

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    No I didn’t want to order the 3D unless I knew I could use it on my site

  • Hi @John-Phillips217,

    We do have an HTML component for websites, so you might be able to embed a virtual tour on a page. It depends on the capabilities of the company providing you a virtual tour. If they give you HTML to copy and paste into a website to create a virtual tour “widget”, that HTML can probably work in one of our HTML components.

    0_1494888109021_Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 3.41.29 PM.png

    You could also put the following HTML in one of those HTML components to create what’s called an iframe to a website that already has the tour on it.

    <iframe src="http://78ridgevale.ca/3d-tour/" style="width: 100%; min-height: 800px;"></iframe>

    This would simply create a contained “window” to the website that has the virtual tour. Here is an example of what that could look like.

    0_1494888367803_Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 3.45.13 PM.png

    As with all advanced modifications to MyVR’s website, try this at your own risk.


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    Thanks Danny
    Keeping in mine your final “at your own risk” which option is the least likely to cause an issue? The company doing the 3D hosts for 6 months, then I’m not sure I may have to pay to have them keep up.

  • @John-Phillips217 said in 3D tours on multi-property site:

    Keeping in mine your final “at your own risk” which option is the least likely to cause an issue?

    That’s a hard question to answer. I would estimate that an iframe is the least likely to break other parts of your site but the most likely to not work well in mobile. The “widget” option is likely to be the most functional, especially on mobile devices, if it works at all.

    I would try both on an unpublished site, if possible.


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