Automating rental agreement approval

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    When setting up bookings, I notice that some renters submit credit card payments without having agreed the rental agreement. Am I missing an automatic setting to make sure that the rental agreement is agreed prior to sending off credit card info?

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    @Ted-Leavitt Hi Ted!

    This should never happen, assuming your settings are correct and not changed during a particular booking. When a user books, they go through the MyVR checkout process. Your booking policy or policies (under Setup / Bookings & Payments / Booking Policy) dictates the settings for your bookings.

    Any inbound online booking requests will automatically use the settings in the Booking Policy, and any outbound quotes you send manually START with the settings in the booking policy. So, unless you change them, these bookings should follow your booking policy settings, too. But, if you happen to change them from the defaults, then it’s possible for something like this to happen. You can choose to have different settings for inbound booking requests vs manual quotes, if you want (e.g. I have a more aggressive refund/cancellation policy for instant bookings than I do for manual quotes I send).

    We can take a look at specific reservations where you think this may have happened and tell you why this happened (or, if it was a bug). Please don’t post the renter’s info here, but you can send it to us privately for a few sample reservations by clicking the “Support” button at the top of the product when you’re logged in (choose the “Report a Bug” option).

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    Thanks. I sent the details to you via support.

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    This post is deleted!

  • Hi Ann,

    First, you get an upvote for the first screen shot in the MyVR Community with a smily face! Second, let me address each of the situations you brought up.

    I have also had renters who were able to pay without agreeing to the rental agreement. think it’s because I had already created the Reservation, so the email link went directly to the payment screen and the renter bypassed the 4-page “booking” process (where the check box appears in step #3).

    Yes, you are correct. We plan to resolve on this issue soon, but for now I have a few work-arounds

    When the Reservation already exists, the renter goes straight to payment

    To resolve this, set your reservations to “Tentative”. This will push the renter through the four step booking process. If you still need to block the dates, set a hold on the dates when you make the quote. This will create a blocking event in your calendar for the dates of the reservation. Once the reservation becomes reserved, the event will change from a blocking event to a reservation event, which also blocks the dates.
    0_1485370663175_Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 10.55.39 AM.png

    0_1485370666050_Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 10.56.33 AM.png

    We have some guests who re-book their summer vacation a year out, but we don’t exchange formal contract/deposit until January. It’s important that I block their week on the calendar so we don’t get other inquiries.

    The strategy I mentioned above should also work for this. A tentative reservation that has a hold on its quote will both block the dates and push the renter through the booking flow whenever they are ready.

    I’ve got other renters who want to pay off-line (by PayPal for example).

    This is also handled in the quote. In addition to what I mentioned above, set “Online Payments” to “No” when you make the quote. This will allow renters wishing to pay offline to go through the booking flow without entering a credit card.
    0_1485370876898_Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 10.50.31 AM.png


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