How can I apply a one-off charge collected to a rent payment on the same reservation?

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    We had a woman that called and paid the other half of her sisters payment. We put her card in and charged it but now it says 1 off charge and has a 3rd item line for a payment. What can we do on this.

  • Hi @Larry-Kelley,

    When you create a quote, you also create a payment schedule. This schedule lists every payment that you need to collect from the renter to fully pay for the reservation. The “One Off Charge” button is meant for adding a new payment that charges additional money on top of the amount agreed upon in the quote. This is why the charge is a separate line item from the scheduled payments.


    0_1494456776691_Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 3.52.20 PM.png


    To correct this, you will have to refund the one off charge payment and charge the original payment in the payment schedule.

    1. Issue a refund for the one off charge
    2. Charge a credit card for the scheduled payment

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    @Danny-Eiden - OR…

    You could leave the one-off charge as is, and then just reduce the terms of the reservation by that same amount. That would keep you from refunding and recharging the guest (transactions that do NOT happen simultaneously to the guest). This would make the change somewhat transparent to the guest, and you could explain the change to them in an email.

  • @Jenny-Oest Great idea!

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