Removing a property from channels then permanently.

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    Need to permanently remove a unit. I’m trying to first cancel the listing from HomeAway / airbnb / tripadvisor and so on. Homeaway says pending; however, airbnb doesn’t change anything. I click cancel listing, then proceed to click close on the pop up, but nothing happens. At least homeaway changed the status to pending. in airbnb it is still Active even after I closed it.

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    It sounds like an issue with AirBNB, but until it’s resolved, can you simply create a blocking event on your calendar to prevent further viewings and bookings? Then you’re most important task would be to ensure that it’s not set up for automatic renewal?

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    I currently have the dates blocked.

    We shouldn’t be set up for automatic renewel.

    I’m having the same issue the with Flipkey channel manager too. I confirm I want to close the listing and nothing happens.

    Been trying to get this property completely removed for a bit now.

    I think I’ve actually gone through the process a couple times and nothing changes.

    Thanks for all your help Jenny!

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    OK, so I have tried to remove this property from all channels for a week now. Going through the steps in MYVR does nothing even after I confirm. I think I’ve actually closed the listing 2-3 times already.

    I have removed it from EVERY channel and the only one that has updated anything is Homeaway / VRBO that shows it now as disabled with “1 change pending.” All other channels show it as active just the same as all properties.

    Airbnb, tripadvisor / flipkey don’t do anything when I close the listing…

    Please advise!

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    @Chad-Service - have you also submitted this ticket as “report a problem” to the support staff? This may be something unique to your account that we cannot see, but they can.

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    Thanks, yes I did. I believe it might be something unique to my case as well.

  • Hi @Chad-Service,

    I was able to deactivate your listings on FlipKey and Airbnb by clicking Listing Actions > Cancel Listing. Please let us know if this happens again by reporting an issue.

    0_1494455800396_Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 2.11.09 PM.png


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