Why two listings? I only paid for one in HomeAway

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    I’ll be first to admit, probably a mistake I made. I paid for one year subscription on HomeAway and when I search I get two property ID numbers: 4538625 and the calendar shows no bookings, and 4496812 which shows my actual bookings. What should I do? i think I need to get the one with no calendar deleted…but I’m going through integration with VR so is this why? Seems it’s taking forever to synch calendars? Same with website, I asked for help (I’ll pay) but it’s taken days with no response…this calendar issue is nuts cause I’m getting lots of requests for Memorial Day which is reserved already.

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    Are one of the listings on HomeAway and the other on VRBO? I believe they are bundled together.

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    I only paid for one subscription: with HomeAway.

    I’m confused.

    Do you mean that if I paid for one subscription with HA…I can create a different profile for VRBO? Because they had not migrated the photos…(I just did manually) …that’s kind of weird as one shows some views and the other shows more views…

    Funny seems you can’t talk to anybody in this industry it’s all email…weird.

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    @Clary-Roberts It is ALL email and it is really frustrating! The guys here at MYVR and the community are really great for helping out. I mostly only post to ask questions so I’m not a great person to answer… But I believe purchasing HomeAway also includes VRBO, and purchasing TripAdvisor also includes Flipkey. They are bundled together in MYVR channel management tab.

    I’m sure someone more knowledgeable will post soon and clear it up.

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    @Chad-Service so…if you buy a HA subscription/profile…is HA supposed to automatically created a mirror image of the listing on VRBO for example? They didn’t.

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    Both of them are followed by HA letters behind the numbers…

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    Yea, the way I understood it was you purchased the listing. Once you are approved it creates a listing on both HomeAway and VRBO using the property information in MYVR so they should be fairly identical.

    It looks like Homeaway / VRBO has recently also added Vacationrentals.com as well. So I believe you will also be listed on that site now since you’ve purchased the yearly subscription.
    But your situation, since you said it wasn’t the same listing, or at least an identical one, I could be wrong.

    I’m eagerly awaiting someone from MYVR to pop up and educate us both on how exactly it works.

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    Well it sounds like im confused… Sorry. Thought I might be able to help instead of just asking for help constantly 🙂

    It won’t be long till someone straightens us both out.

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    @Chad-Service the one: 4538625 has almost nothing on calendar…not actual listings. also no reviews…very frustrating to not be able to pick up phone and get some help…this board and emails are sure not very efficient.

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    You are correct, it is huge hassle not being able to chat with someone on the phone.

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    @Clary-Roberts wow on phone with vrbo now…the one I didn’t like, showed no bookings…was an error in vrbo somehow…it goes to someone else’s account! as a property manager!!

    Hopefully we’ll get that one deleted…and subscription applied to the correct listing.

    Now why is my TripAdvisor calendar not updated from my HomeAway calendar? I think I have the full intergrations apps set up to synch them all…

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    @Clary-Roberts - glad you got the duplicate listings resolved!
    I just posted some detailed info for you under another thread for the calendar update, but you mentioned updating to iCal on that thread. Here, it sounds like you want to sync with your HA/VRBO listings. I can help you with that.

    First, just to clarify, the listing with HomeAway will also include VRBO and VacationRentals.com. It may even include a few others like Cyberrentals.com. The content will be the same, but they just format those listings a little differently.

    Now, if you’re trying to manually sync with HomeAway listings, it sounds like you do NOT have an integrated listing, so to sync, you’ll follow the same overall steps that I outlined in the other post, but choose HomeAway instead of iCal as your sync type.

    Then instead of opening iCal, you’ll go to your HomeAway listing, go to the calendar page for that property, and click on the little calendar icon in the corner between the + and the printer:

    0_1494203509108_Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 8.30.41 PM.png

    You’ll choose import, and then copy the URL there to set up the sync.

    I’m sorry I can’t add more photos of the process, but my listings are integrated, so I can’t mirror through that for you.

    Hope that helps!

    – Jenny

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