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  • I like the idea of having guests provide some additional details (beyond name, address, email, etc.). For example, I’d like the names and ages of the guests. Does anyone collect this? And if so, can I create some type of form in MyVR to collect this as part of the booking process?

  • Sorry, I see that Jenny Oest asked the exact same question a few days ago! Jenny - do you use HelloSign for the rental agreement itself as well? Right now I just attach my standard rental agreement to the MyVR booking process.

  • We use a wufoo form to collect additional information but the ability to include (custom?) forms as part of the booking flow in MyVR would be great!

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    Oh yes, my contract has evolved over the 25 years of doing VR business and I do ask the names and ages of all guests. In addition, I have it stated, that there can be no changes with out prior written permission.

  • While I don’t collect the exact names and ages of each guest, I do want to know the exact number of guests who will be staying or visiting our homes at any point in time. This is occasionally met with some resistance, but I’ve found that this keeps folks from using our places as party venues, in the majority of instances.

    If we could incorporate an online form, such as what Wufoo offers, within the MyVR platform, it’d save me a ton of time and keep everything in one tidy place. Excellent idea Robin!

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    One way to implement this idea would be to set up a “stay email” (within Automation) and have it trigger upon a reservation. The email can request information about the guest’s stay and link to the wufoo form you set up. You could even embed the wufoo form onto a page on your website so that it feels more like your brand (and not wufoo’s).

    I do a similar thing, but I do it in my rental contract. I have an appendix that renters must complete and fax/email to me within 72 hours of the booking. It contains follow-up info I need on the party (guests and ages), as well as a driver’s license of the person booking. I do it as an appendix so that the online booking process can still happen easily (I like to minimize info capture at the time go booking). So, I can efficiently take the booking online via MyVR with my online contract, but get the follow-up info shortly after the booking (and I have the right to cancel the transaction if it’s not received). It’d probably be more efficient for me to do this via a wufoo form, but my process has been working as-is thus far so haven’t felt the urgency to tweak it. <-- this is me justifying being lazy

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    Hi what is Woofu

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    @Beach-Renter check it out: You can create your own forms (which, in this case, you could send to a renter after booking and ask her to complete the additional info). There are other similar products out there:

    If you want the form to be on a page on your website, then find one that you can embed on a web page with javascript (wufoo has this). Then, instead of sending someone to a wufoo link, you can send them to a URL on your website. Just a nice touch. The data goes to the same place (into wufoo, or whatever you use). The data wouldn’t go into MyVR’s software, but you could add a link to the information in the renter’s notes on the reservation…

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    @Lisa-Beisser - Yes I use HelloSign to collect that. The box they click online has the same agreement, but with a lead in paragraph that says they agree to complete this within 24 hours of their booking request.

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    @Robin @Jonathan-Murray - oh dear! You’ve given me a new toy to play with! LOL
    Curious…do you use the free version or the Pro version?

  • Thanks for all the good thoughts. I suppose I could also just use a Google form and link to that from an auto “stay” communication. I like the idea of keeping the booking process fairly streamlined and then adding a follow up “to do” for them. For now, I might try that.

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    @Jonathan-Frost Not to be completely off-topic but I have had a couple of homes (typically my larger beach homes in San Diego) that have (in the past) been used by guests for bachelor parties, graduation celebrations and the like. One way I have been able to curtail this (and I ask for the same info on my res form that you mention) is to include in the ads to the homes that are “at risk” for larger gatherings, that either myself or the owner live just down the street. That way the guests I don’t want (those prone to louder gatherings) self-select out of my units. BTW thanks for all the great online forms info in this thread!

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    In continuation of this earlier discussion about forms and integration. Can someone help me understand if I can use Zapier and MyVR in the following way:

    1. The guest books my property.
    2. I have an auto “stay” email that thanks them for booking and asks them to go to a link to complete our guest information form. (they go to a wufoo form I have created to collect this info)
    3. They complete the form -> At this point is something generated by WuFoo form or Zapier or ??? to tell MyVR that the guest has completed this step so the MyVR now can send out the next “stay” email which includes a guest welcome file?
      If yes, how do I set that up?
      If no, does anyone have suggestions on how I can automate that piece?

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    I’m not using WuFoo at the moment, but what happens when a WuFoo form is completed? Is it emailed to you? I can think of several ways to set up the trigger OUTSIDE of MyVR, but I don’t know of way to trigger emails within MyVR using an outside prompt. Maybe this would be a great feature request?

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    @Jenny-Oest When the form is completed it is collected in your WuFoo Entry Manager (in the Wufoo dashboard), but it can also be emailed, printed or edited there as well. However the real magic is using Zapier (or I suppose IFTTT) to send the data places to do things. In my case I want to get the guest’s arrival details (flight, ferry) so I can send my driver notification to pick them up. I also want to get the names of the other guests staying in the apartment and hopefully email address, so I can send them the welcome file and other info about their stay - Eventually I would like to create a contact list for future stay offers.
    In For me the two uses will be to create MailChimp lists & Create events in Google Calendar from the data in the form. I am working on my first form and will post the results sometime in the next day or so, along with the results of my experiments with Zapier.

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    @Jenny-Oest Our form is “complete” (usable at this point with guests, though we will continue to tweek it).
    Right now I have it sitting on a page on a Wordpress site, though ideally I would have it on my MyVR website.
    It’s here:

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    @Carole this is fabulous! I’m going to model my form migration after yours! Now when they have completed it, does it trigger an email to you? And then do you manually correlate that to a reservation in your system?

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    @Jenny-Oest We are working on a “zap” that will do just that (an email confirmation with details about their arrival, any scheduled pickups & tours and the welcome file - a pdf for right now, though hopefully in the next few weeks that will change to a Touch Stay “app” that we are working on.

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    @Jenny-Oest Happy New Year! So my Wufoo update is that the form is working - latest version is here: I’m sending guests to it and they complete it. Wufoo emails & texts me that the guest completed the form (the email contains their data).

    I then have a “zap” which creates an entry in a Google Calendar. It gives the driver the guest information. (I am working on parsing that data)

    I am stuck with the signing of the Wufoo form and I noticed that you have guests sign electronically. How does that work for you? (In the past I used a PDF I created and guests often filled it out manually and signed - I want them to complete the fields electronically not by hand, so I am worried about sending a PDF).


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    @Carole - I currently use HelloSign for an electronic signature. Once signed, it automatically sends the completed form to my Evernote File and I get an email notification. That’s my trigger to review and accept the reservation. I’d like to convert that to a text notification.

    With HelloSign, I can either manually send that form out with all of the unique details filled out, OR I can send them a link to a HelloSign template, but the link requires that THEY complete more fields such as reservation number, dates, etc. My future hope is to somehow integrate that, but for now, I’m sending it manually. It does, however, allow them to complete the fields electronically - AND sign with a legal signature.

    I haven’t used the Wufoo form yet - thought I’d evaluate that as a replacement for HelloSign, but I DO like having a legal document on file for the reservation, so I’m not in a hurry for that part. But if WuFoo allows me to extract MyVR data into the form, then it’s a step in the right direction for automating my process.

    For now, I have an automated transactional email that notifies staff of a new reservation, but it doesn’t pull any custom data. I haven’t needed that yet, but CAN think of several ways I could use that to be more helpful (such as how many parking passes they need in the room, or do they need infant/baby items?)

    I’m watching your progress as a future template for others, including myself!!! Keep posting! 🙂


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