How do I set up MyVR to connect with a brand new HomeAway listing I had already purchased?

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    I am new to Vacation Rentals, I just paid for my HomeAway account $399 and would like to integrate that listing with Eventually I’d like to add AirBnB, and

    Could someone help me get this listing from HomeAway to integrate with MyVR please? Or tell me where I can go to learn how?

  • Hey @Clary-Roberts,

    Welcome to MyVR! 🙂 I’m happy to help you get your listing setup with HomeAway and integrated with any other channels.

    Given you have 1 property, (fewer than 5), you fall into the camp of users who take advantage of our “for Owners” channel applications. The first thing you’ll need to do for each channel is login to your MyVR account, go to Channels > Full Integration. From there you’ll want to review the application details in the market place, it’s important to read through all of the content there so you have an idea of the differences per channel.

    Once you’ve decided which channels (FlipKey, Airbnb, etc.) you’d like to integrate with, you’ll install those applications. I see that you’ve already installed the HomeAway for Owners app.

    The “Unintegrated Properties” tab in the app will show you all active properties that have not yet been integrated. You’ll need to activate your property in MyVR before it’ll show in this list. From the unintegrated properties tab you’ll see two buttons for each property, because you already have an existing HomeAway listing, you’ll select the “Transfer” option. Soon after requesting the transfer you’ll receive an email asking for the current HomeAway ID for the listing which we’ll need to request transfer of management.

    Each channel is a little different. Please let us know if you have any questions 🙂

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    Hi @Clary-Roberts - first off, welcome! Second, I’ll add to the info that @CJ-Avilla provided.

    When starting out, the first thing you’ll want to do is add a property(s) - this is the information we will use when creating your listings on HomeAway, Airbnb, etc., setting up a website, and generating quotes & bookings. I noticed you had added a property (the hard part), but the property hadn’t been activated (the easier part).

    When creating a new property, it starts out as inactive (it doesn’t count against your subscription, it won’t show up on a website, and it can’t be connected to a channel/listing). It’s basically a state for you to be able to work on getting a property set up before exposing it to guests.

    To activate a property, head to Properties > My Properties, and select Activate from dropdown next to the property you want:


    Then when you head back over to Channels > Full Integration > HomeAway, you’ll see the property in the “Unintegrated” list, at which point you can choose to push that property out to HomeAway.

    You’ll be presented with two options - Transfer Existing Listing, Setup New Listing. If you already purchased a subscription from HomeAway (or you already have a pay-per-booking/commission listing with them), you would select the Transfer Existing Listing option.



    (p.s. I slightly modified the title of your post so that your question can be found by other.)

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    Thank you for fast and detailed responses guys…did all the above. Last night when I went to bed, in myvr my property showed “pending”…today it doesn’t show that. However, on HomeAway/VRBO my listing doesn’t appear at all and my account says “inactive?!”…ouch! Also, in myvr it says calendar synched this morning, however…none of my advanced bookings are showing at this time…Please tell me everything will be resolved by the magic computer fairies today!!! 8>)

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    When you transfer a listing to MyVR management it can take a day or two for the change to take affect. A transfer is really a new listing with a different listing number under an account managed by MyVR. After the transfer is complete your old listing is disabled. You can find your new listing URL and number under the HomeAway app, you can click on the URL to view you new listing (see below).


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    @CJ-Avilla Hi CJ, I’m trying to do a similar thing, but when I get to the Channels> Full Integration my property doesn’t appear on this page. I have confirmed my property is Active. What am I doing wrong?

  • Hey @Hector,

    Some how your connection ended up in a bad state where the listing was setup under a deleted connection. I moved that to the active connection and you should be able to proceed with onboarding as expected.

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    @CJ-Avilla That is fantastic. Thank you!

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