Property Photos not all sizing the same way

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    I am having some issues with photos and sizing on the site.

    Actually it seems a couple of the photos have “zoomed in” while others have remained ok and show appropriately.

    Looking through these it appears to happen when the photo is taller than it is wide. Anyone else seeing this issue?

    Anyone have a “fix” for this problem?



  • Hi Darrell,

    This is more of a feature and less of a bug. We automatically zoom in on photos to make them cover the entire area that they are being presented in. So if you are uploading a photo that is taller than it is wide to fit into an area that is wider than it is tall, we zoom in on the photo so it covers the entire area that is wider than it is tall. Here is a good graphic that illustrates what is happening.

    0_1494288317888_Image Zoom Example.png

    Depending on what widget is displaying the image, you might be able to change the settings to display the entire image instead of zooming to fit.

    0_1494288483236_Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 5.06.15 PM.png

    If this setting isn’t available on the image widget you are using, you can always upload an image that fits the space better. Here is a good discussion on how to pick the best photos for your website.


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