When do Inquiry Responders get sent and how do I track they went out?

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    @John-Phillips217 asked a good question about Inquiry Responders:

    I’ve had auto responses installed but not clear on when/how to track they have gone out.

    The short answer is that Inquiry Responders fire immediately upon receiving a new inquiry, and the best way to know they sent is to check the conversation thread for that inquiry - you’ll see the templated message sent when the responder fired. You can check out the high-level overview here.

    By default, we do not include new reservation requests as a trigger for an inquiry responder. (An example of a reservation request would be someone going through the Book Now/Online Booking flow on your website: a quote is automatically generated, the guest agrees to the terms and contract, the guest enters payment details, and then confirms - you then need to accept or decline the request.) Since someone in that scenario is ready to book (and has committed), it is unlikely the same sort of inquiry responder template makes sense to show them (e.g. “Thanks for inquiring - did you know you can head to my website to book online right now?”). However, you can choose to apply an Inquiry Responder to booking requests in the settings for that responder.


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