Where is the webhook url setting?

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    I created a Zapier app in the MyVR developer platform and a MyVR app in the Zapier developer platform (both are private of course). The only way to obtain data has been to frequently poll the MyVR API for changes. Obviously this isn't a very efficient use of resources which is why webhooks are so beneficial.

    I recently noticed new content under the webhooks section of the developer documentation but can't figure out where to go in my account settings to provide the url to use for new payloads. Where can I find that setting?


    I know you guys have been working on this feature for a while and I can't wait to have access to it!

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    Hey Steven,

    This is a fantastic question. We've been excited to share some of the API work we've been doing to make this stuff possible. In fact, we built out a lot of our webhooks with services like Zapier in mind, and even have a MyVR Zapier application in the works. If you're interested in beta testing the MyVR Zapier application, I can give you access if you send me a private message. It's built entirely by MyVR and directly integrates using webhooks.

    API Webhooks
    About a month ago we rolled out API Webhooks. This was primarily for our integrated partners who are building applications on top of MyVR. We have recently added the ability for account holders to setup webhooks for events associated with their account. You can do so in the API management section of your account.


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    A quick follow up to this thread...

    If you are interested in the Zapier beta, send an email to zapier-beta@myvr.com and we'll provide instructions for accessing it. It's a great way to connect your MyVR account to thousands of other applications, no technical skills required. It currently supports a wide number of triggers and actions related to inquiries, messages, reservations, and payments.

    Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the beta.


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