Airbnb Locked Reservations

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    So reservations through airbnb seem to be locked from editing. I had an issue where I was forced to move a guest from one unit to another to better accommodate his boat and trailer parking requirements; however I can’t change the condo he used in MYVR because it says its locked by airbnb.

    Anyone else have an issue similar to this or a way around?

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    Hi Chad, you’ll need to change the reservation in Airbnb. Changes will then be reflected in MyVR.

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    It doesn’t give me the option to make changes in airbnb because the stay is over. Upcoming reservations offer me a chance to edit but not older ones.


  • Hey @Chad-Service,

    This is an interesting use case that I’d not considered before. The fact that you cannot update the stay in Airbnb suggests we might need to allow editing after stay for Airbnb locked reservations. We’ll brainstorm internally about how to solve this pain point.

    Until we have a solution in place, can you open a support request in product with the details that you need changed on a locked reservation?


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    Just put in a bug report. Thanks

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